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Sponsorship for Dubai

To work in the UAE you must have a sponsor. This can be someone already living there or an employer who will sponsor you for admittance so you can take up a job. The sponsorship system is an effective form of immigration control.

As your sponsor is responsible for you and ‘takes the rap’ if you misbehave or contravene any regulations (which will also involve him in loss of ‘face’ in the community), he automatically checks that you’re reliable and trustworthy, as well as ensuring that you don’t inadvertently step out of line. For this reason,

your sponsor is an important source of help and advice and a valuable ‘ally’. This was already a minefield, at least for the processing, but now Dubai Immigration and Naturalisation, has devised a list of multiple categories to encompass all types of travellers. The NOC is what is required to 'safely' transfer from one job to another. If you choose to leave a company within the term of your contract, and the employer is happy to let you go, they still have to produce an NOC. If you are a citizen of an Arab Gulf Country Council (but not one of the GCC countries) and belong to a list of certain professional occupations then you will be allowed a 30 day visa.


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