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Night Life of Dubai
Travelling to Dubai is an amazing experience. Dubai night life offers a lot of variety and ways to have fun, including a wide array of bars, Dubai nightclubs and hotels with many services.
To experience some of the best nightlife in Dubai, many consider the larger hotels in the city as the "place to be." Some of the best bars are situated within these town gems, where the entire city opens to a variety of entertaining. There's a relatively large selection of bars and nightclubs in Dubai, many of which you can enjoy till 3 am in the morning.

All nightclubs in Dubai must close at 3 am, along with most of the local bars as well. The majority of the bars which are legally allowed to sell alcohol can do so only if they're in hotels although there are a few small exceptions to this rule.
Dubai's nightlife has come of age in recent times. The city is now overflowing with up market wine bars, DJ joints and beach bars. Unlike the weekend-obsessed Europeans, people here will party throughout the week. The big night is Thursday, although Tuesday night is ladies' night and girls can get inebriated courtesy of free drinks promotions at most bars.
Nightlife Events
Al Abaya
Type: Live Music, Clubs
5 of 275 Dubai Nightlife
Al Abaya is located at The Palm Hotel, Al Abaya serves a delicious menu of dishes and drinks enjoyed by both locals and visitors.

Al Fayrooz Lounge
Type: Tea, Tapas
Neighborhood: Jumeirah
6 of 275 Dubai Nightlife
Enjoy the sounds of our resident pianist Bojana Stoianova. Bojana performs every Wednesday - Monday, from 8.00pm to 11.45pm.

Al Khan Shisha Club
Type: Dance, Bars, Theme Bars, Pubs, Live Music, Comedy & Cabaret, Clubs
7 of 275 Dubai Nightlife
The Al Khan Shisha Club at the Ramada Continental Hotel is a vivacious and upbeat place. Enjoy the sounds and music with danceing.

Al Khayal
Type: Live Music
Neighborhood: Jumeirah
8 of 275 Dubai Nightlife
Al Khayal is a beautiful Lebanese restaurant located at the Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai. There are also some excellent restaurants which provide you delicious food to make your experience in Dubai.

Al Pasha Restaurant & Keyclub
Type: Theme Bars, Open Late, Wine Bars, Clubs
9 of 275 Dubai Nightlife
The succulent Lebanese cuisine served is not the only thing that draws people here. Al Pasha also offers live entertainment, shisha, theme nights and ladies' nights.

Al Zumorrod
Type: Bars, Pubs, Live Music, Clubs
11 of 275 Dubai Nightlife
The Al Zumorrod is an all-Iranian nightclub bringing to you the flavors and feel of that country. One of the most popular nightspots to hit if you are in Dubai, it is located in the plush Carlton Tower Hotel.

Type: Live Music, Clubs
Neighborhood: Dubai Creek
12 of 275 Dubai Nightlife

Type: Dance, Bars, Pubs, Live Music, Comedy & Cabaret, Clubs
14 of 275 Dubai Nightlife


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