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Medical jobs in Dubai

Health Care is becoming increasingly expensive in the Western Countries. The health care sector presents plenty of jobs in Dubai for expatriates across all levels such as doctors, specialists, surgeons, nurses, attendants, etc. Doctors and Nurses from the West have started seriously eyeing jobs in Dubai, due to the good lifestyle and 100% Income Tax free jobs here.

Opportunities for career growth and development in many industries, including the healthcare sector, abound in Dubai, probably the most popular destination in the Middle East for those purposes among many people from all over the world. Many healthcare professionals have taken advantage of the increasing demand for staff to fill medical jobs in Dubai and the wider United Arab

Emirates to experience this culture and environment. Healthcare industry in Dubai, facilitated by the city tourism appeal, has an excellent potential for industry and employment growth. The industry is expected to grow annually at 14% rates to reach nearly $12 billion in the next five years. The opportunities for work in this industry are quite diverse, with highest paid occupations including physicians and surgeons, dentists, registered nurses, and physical therapists.


Jobs for nurses in Dubai offer not only good money but also international exposure and contemporary work places.
In the current scenario, the demand for nursing jobs in Dubai has been constantly growing. With the entrée of international healthcare companies, world class services are made available to the patients.
Required qualifications for a successful medical career in Dubai depends on the field of specialisation.


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