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IT Jobs In Dubai

IT Jobs are in very high demand in Dubai. Information technology ("iT") is a major player in the Dubai economy - in fact, it's been described as the number one contributor to Dubai's productivity.

The IT industry and corporate IT departments are undergoing dramatic changes due to the influence of social media and consumer technology, the recession and technological innovations such as cloud computing. Dubai expects to spend between $1.6 million and $2.2 million per year over the next few years implementing its plan of getting 90% of government services online.

Dubaigoal.com provides the latest IT Jobs available in Dubai. The Dubai IT Jobs listings are updated on daily basis, hence you can get access to the IT Jobs as soon as they are posted. Get all Dubai IT Jobs just sitting at home.
Finding an IT job in Dubai
There are all types of IT Jobs in Dubai requiring professional skills. The jobs include the expected developer and programmer roles including SAP, Oracle, Java, C++ etc.
Some of the IT companies that have offices in Dubai include Logica CMG, KPMG, Oracle, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and Intel Corporation.
Applying for jobs
It can be a very difficult and frustrating process trying to obtain a job in Dubai. You’ve sent your CV out to a number of recruitment companies, you’ve made phone calls to consultants, you’ve contacted companies directly, but they all give you the same answer, “We’ll be in touch”. What makes it.
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Demand of IT in Dubai are very competitive, to have a fulfilled IT career, the candidate must learn to develop him/herself.
It is important we note that some of the Dubai IT jobs may be contract based while some are full time permanent employments.
There are too many IT contract jobs in Dubai, most of Multi national company in Dubai hires the IT professionals on contract basis. Duration of contract jobs in Dubai varies from company to company and depend on the work the company needed.
IT professionals on Contract jobs in Dubai are getting very high salaries as compared to permanent jobs but these contract jobs doesn't last for very long period.
Most of the IT professionals prefer to get permanent job instead of contract jobs


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