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How to Find Jobs in Dubai

The Dubai job market is VERY competitive. The Dubai jobs market can be quite competitive and many important positions can only be found by going through recruitment agencies. Finding a job through recruitment agencies is the most convenient way of seeking employment. Certified organisations are normally approached by huge companies needing the right candidates.

In Dubai, there are several licensed recruitment agencies such as Bayt.com, Clarendon Parker, Nadia, and more, which will be able to assist you.If you work in Dubai you are likely to enjoy an excellent working environment with modern, futuristically equipped spacious and comfortable office spaces, many dining opportunities and excellent transportation the norm across the city.

This permit is issued by the Dubai Government and the individual must be sponsored by a Dubai based organisation.
Everyone makes a great effort to get along in Dubai because they are all in the same boat together – working away from home but enjoying being in a country that offers first class business opportunities and a tax free lifestyle.

The expatriate community today accounts for over 80% of the population and so the supporting infrastructure such as schools, clubs, and associations are well established for many different nationalities. The country also boasts excellent connections with other major oil and gas centers globally, with direct flights to Beijing, Houston, Kuala Lumpur, London, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Perth, as well as many other cities around the world.


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