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How to Find Jobs in Dubai
A typical question for those who are looking for a job in Gulf is whether to have a job in Dubai (or another city in the UAE) or Qatar. There is no right answer, since much depends on your personal situation, but if you have this doubt we invite you to consider the following factors to help you make the best decision.

Salary: although there is some variation by sector for comparable positions the differences are not enough to say that a place is much better than the other.
Expanding economy: according to IMF data for the last five years reported, the GDP of the United Arab Emirates has increased between 3 and 6 points per year (except in 2010, when the rate was negative), while the Qatar has moved between 8 and 27.
Sectors: Dubai is the site chosen by most multinational companies to set up headquarters in the Middle East, so that the diversity of positions is much higher and find a job in Dubai is feasible for almost any career. In Qatar, the non-construction sectors, energy and financial services are much smaller.
Freedom: in Dubai can be more easily access to alcohol, inspired by Islam laws are imposed with less rigor, and do not need an exit permit to leave the country.
Size: Dubai has 3 million inhabitants (between residents and temporary workers), and is considered a big city (over thirty kilometers long along the sea), while Doha, with approximately 1.5 million, is more manageable. The range of services, leisure activities ... is much higher in Dubai.
Some technical details:
Language: The official language of UAE is Arabic, although the most spoken languages are English, Urdu and Hindi.
Currency: UAE Dirham
Member of: UN, Arab League, WTO, OPEC
Time Zone: GMT +4
Economy : GDP (nominal) as 31 ° and 32 ° according to IMF and World Bank
Activities: Industrial (oil and natural gas) infrastructure, transport, trade and tourism
Health: Free assistance with "Health Card"
Religion: Islam, Christianity and Hinduism


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