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Dubai City Info Attractions

Art Galleries
The United Arab Emirates generally, and Dubai specifically, is now among the cultural and artistic focuses of the Middle East, and its flourishing exhibition scene is a major platform for artists from the region. Dubai's freshly discovered social status is demonstrated by Art Dubai, an art fair which praises the best that the Emirati has to offer, and highlights the work of the modern craft displays which are bringing a visit to Dubai essential for any artist. Following are the top five art galleries in Dubai:..Readmore

Dessert Safari
Dubai, a place for tourists where they never get bored whether it is shopping in big malls, commuting along skyscrapers or enjoying the ride in four wheel for desert safari. The tour seems incomplete without a dune-knocking safari followed by an evening barbecue. The never-ending vast dessert, scorching heat of the sun and rolling of sand dunes will never get you bored. You will feel like a modern Bedouin, enjoying the widespread dessert in a jeep that surely will bring new experience of camel riding and desert hiking. After enjoying the thrilling ride over the peaks of sand dunes, plunging and sliding all over it, the darkness prevails and the beauty of dessert is complemented with the sunset...Readmore

Global Village Dubai
Global Village is among the country's largest shopping area, which is going to be open in October, with a world of varieties for public. This is the biggest regular social festival in the area, offering a stunning exhibit of festivals, amusement and shopping in an outdoors theme park. This place is situated at Dubai land, and is guaranteed to be the world's biggest tourism, recreation and amusement venture, with over 6 million visitors yearly.
This year, Dubai Global Village will be an exciting Fantasy Island funfair concept, which will be on show for the first time the Middle East...

Gold Market of Dubai
All of us are familiar with that saying, “Old is gold”; when it comes about Dubai, this saying is proved wrong because Dubai is not much old, yet it is rich as gold. It wasn’t long ago when sky cracking towers hadn’t been erected and Dubai’s “notoriety” was mainly due to Dubai’s gold which earned this metro a lot of fame as “the city of gold”. There is another saying that “every shining thing is not gold” but in Dubai, if you see something shining, it is highly likely that it is either Gold or Burj al-Khalifa. Dubai was famous generally throughout the world and particularly in the Middle East and South Asia for its gold market. It was called Souk al-Dahab which means the Gold Market...Readmore

Sheikh Zayed Road
Roads are always an eye catching sight in large cities like Dubai, and in the same way Sheikh Zayed Road catches attention of all the visitors, due to its flashy looks. Some very impressive buildings, notable example being Emirates Towers.
Having 5 lanes on each side, which are separated by a barrier in between, the road stretches to the length of 55 km, and is one of the busiest roads in Dubai. Starting from the Dubai World Trade Centre roundabout, the road extends till the border of Abu Dhabi. The flow of the traffic is very smooth during most hours, but on some instances in peak hours, it becomes quite busy, and the flow of traffic is bit turbulent. Al Ain Road, Hatta Road, and Emirates Road are some of the important roads, which are connected to Sheikh Zayed Road. So don’t forget to have a long drive on this road whenever you spend your holidays in Dubai.


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