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Dubai Restaurants
Dubai restaurants being one of the major entertainment spots , deliver the cosmopolitan flavor that offer international array of choices for the tourists. The restaurants in Dubai are mostly preferred due to its wide variety of food and beverage choices. Apart from this they are gaining international fame due to their quality service and comfortable ambiance. But before entering those
restaurants one should keep in mind that they are quite expensive place to dine in.
Al Mahara
Al Mahara restaurant in the Burj al Arab. The Al Mahara is a seven star seafood restaurant at the gaudy Burj Al Arab hotel at Jumeirha Beach, Dubai. This restaurant is one of the most famous and most highly respected restaurants in Dubai. Al Mahara is a seafood paradise that dives into the Arabian Gulf to delight its guests. Al Mahara is located on the ground floor. Open daily: Lunch: 12:30 hrs to 15:00 hrs (last food order at 14:30 hrs). Dinner: 19:00 hrs to 00:00 hrs (last food order at 23:30 hrs).
Al qasr
Al Qasr is located along Jumeirah beach in Dubai next to the world famous Burj Al Arab and Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Located at the beautiful Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa. Serves Lebanese and Middle Eastern cuisine. Al Qasr Restaurant provide a strategic location and this restaurant vividly exemplifies the culture of Dubai. Al Qasr Restaurant in Dubai also features an Arabic band providing live entertainment in the form of the captivating music of Dubai. The food is delicious.
Bab ul Yam
Burj Al Arab is located in the Jumeirah Beach area of Dubai, 15 km from the main city centre and 25 km from Dubai International Airport. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch exclusively for the hotel's guests only. The restaurant offers an American breakfast buffet, and extensive à la carte menu with light & healthy items throughout the week. Bab Al Yam is located on the ground floor. Open daily: 07:00 hrs to 00:00 hrs.
Hatam Resturent
Hatam Restaurant is a simple eating joint offering scrumptious food to its guests. The restaurant staff is very friendly and always ready to help in selection from the limited menu. The food here is simply out of the world. You can also choose from a wide range of salads, soups and tea offered here. Hatam Restaurant is good value for your money. Located along the creek near the Riviera hotel in Dubai, the Hatam Restaurant is certainly worth a visit if delicious, clean and cheap food is what you are looking for during a trip to Dubai.


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