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Find Jobs in Dubai
With a youth unemployment rate of 60% in Pakistan and most of the world countries, many young people are sending us your CV and we are asking for help finding a job in Dubai or the whole of the United Arab Emirates. Many also ask us what those sectors that offer more job opportunities are,

so take advantage this article to give some information and support to all who are raised to develop their career in this country.
UAE in general and Dubai in particular, are actually places with many job opportunities, especially for young people with university degrees and master several languages fluently. Currently there is a strong demand for qualified personnel in the following sectors: Health, Science and Technology, Tourism, Hospitality, Construction, Education, Finance, and Aviation, mainl

In UAE there are numerous websites on the Internet where job opportunities are posted daily, not only to work in this country, but also to others in the area. Some of the most popular and reliable platforms are BAYT , Dubizzle , AL JAZEERA JOBS , employment agencies and the newspaper GULF NEWS .
Unlike other countries in the region, UAE is quite flexible regarding working conditions. In fact, once established in this country and obtained a work permit and residency in general you can change jobs if you find a better deal in any other company? This allows you aspire to develop your career in the best companies in the country, even if you have not got to the top.
Requirements for Working in Dubai
The first thing you need to go to work in Dubai is a work visa , this requires that the company you hire previously. Local company will manage your visa and determine the time it will work in Dubai.
Obviously, another requirement is, for lack of Arabic knowledge, power unfold perfectly in English.

What kind of jobs are in demand in Dubai?

You should know that most jobs that are in demand in Dubai are for very specialized people or senior officers. If you your work is unskilled, must know that Dubai has a large number of Indian immigrants, Egyptians or Pakistanis who perform these jobs very cheaply.

Cost of living

Without being up to cities like Lahore or Karachi, the cost of living in Dubai is growing year after year. Inflation rises much faster than wages, one of the main concerns of residents in Dubai.
If your goal is to save money for a certain period of time, working in Dubai is not a bad choice, but would probably be better to work in other cities such as Abu Dhabi and Doha, cheaper and today more alive.
Before you throw the adventure, you must be aware that their culture, religion and climate, are not cities that can be defined as livable. Dubai appears that hundreds of news and power points should not be enough to move to Dubai incentive.
Jobs In Dubai
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