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Business in Dubai
Doing business in Dubai is surprisingly easy with minimal bureaucracy and a can do attitude that makes Dubai an attractive place for big business.
Main Features Of Establishing An Import Business In Dubai
Business opportunities in Dubai are ideal for several reasons, but one main reason being there is no tax. Dubai’s import revenue is humongous.
It exceeds $14 billion annually. When the whole world is under the jaws of financial crisis, getting a job can be a very tedious task. But Dubai, the capital of United Arab Emirates has become the famous place for both professionals and for part time job searchers.
One of the prime business opportunities in Dubai is real estate. That’s right; the real estate industry in Dubai alone contributes 22% to the cities GDP.
The tax-free income system, international commercial network and advanced infrastructure are some of the advantages attracting the myriad investors to Dubai.
The transportation facilities from the port to warehouses are unmatched in terms of efficiency and operations.
Besides the above, as a prominent trading hub in the Middle Eastern region, Dubai offers easy access to an immensely potent economic sector for international business.
Different Categories Of Business Organizations In Dubai
There are 7 categories of business organizations in Dubai and they are:
General partnership company
Joint venture company
Public shareholding company
Private shareholding company
Limited liability company
Share partnership company
Setting Up Business In Dubai
Dubai is a destination, which aims to cater everyone and offers all the rudiments of comfort and convenience. Dubai is one of the best places to set up business operations. The conditions, rules and laws for the same are very liberal and attractive as compared to many other countries. Thus Dubai has established itself as a great economic force, attracting more and more organizations, entrepreneurs and investors to set up their businesses here.

There are many options for foreign or international corporations wanting to start operations or initiate new businesses in Dubai. Apart from forming a trading relationship, for many companies there are distinct advantages in physically being located in Dubai city in order to conduct research, market to prospective customers, make business contacts and to liaise with customers.

Licenses For Setting Up Business In Dubai
All businesses, whether industrial, professional, trading or services, must be licensed to operate in the UAE. Licensing procedures vary from emirate to emirate and the relevant details are available from the individual Chambers of Commerce.
To establish any business in Dubai, a license is the most important for business. The licenses are issued by the Dubai Economic Department depending upon the nature of business. They are of three types which are:
Commercial licenses - that are required for any kind of trading.
Professional licenses - that licenses which are required by professional service providers such as, craftsmen and skilled labor etc.
Industrial licenses – that licenses are needed for establishing any industrial or manufacturing operation.
There are more detailed laws that apply to businesses engaged in oil or gas production. Jewelry and insurance businesses require financial guarantee issued by a bank based in Dubai.


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