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Burj Al Arab
Dubai is home to a number of hotels and resorts. Enjoying one of the best locations in Dubai hotels. Dubai is one of the wealthiest countries in the world and they have adopted the latest hotels in Dubai. Burj Al Arab is completely wonderful and completely Luxery hotel in Dubai. Dubai is the largest city of the United Arab Emirates which is known as “the world’s first seven-star hotel”. You will see this in every luxury hotel in Dubai.Some hotels are still trying to maintain the traditional Arabic style.
The Burj Al-Arab is named as “Tower of the Arabs” in Arabic and In english “Burj Al Arab” means The Arabian Tower. Burj Al Arab was one of the most expensive buildings ever built. At night, it offers an unforgettable sight,

surrounded by choreographed color sculptures of water and fire. The “Burj Al Arab” is not only the tallest hotel in the world, but it is also Dubai’s trade mark. Burj Al Arab Hotel In Dubai Looks Like A Boat Sailing The Ocean.
Restaurants and Nightlife
The Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai Jumeirah Beach coast reached on the status of her term short idols and legends. Burj Al Arab has several food venues. Food choices, including a variety of dishes, such as Arabic, European, international, Asian and Mediterranean. Burj Al Arab restaurant and bar, including:
Al Iwan
Bab Al Yam
Culinary Flight
Majlis Al Bahar
Sahn Eddar
Juna Lounge
Skyview Bar

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